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Where The Great E Cigarette Boom Began!!

How The E-cigarette Developed in China


Smoking an e cig

E-cigarettes provide a new dimension to smoking following their creation by Hon Lik, a Chinese businessman back in 2003. Hon Lik’s father had earlier died of lung cancer which was attributed to his heavy smoking. Hon Lik, himself a smoker, began developing a new method to smoking at the Golden Dragon Holdings Company. He employed a vaporization technology to create a substance similar to smoke. Hon combined propylene glycol with nicotine e-liquid to produce an electronic smoking experience.

An E-cigarette, also known as a ‘nicotine delivery system or vaping device,’ has 3 parts: A battery, an atomizer (or cartridge) and an e liquid. These three parts were all developed in China. Hon Lik’s desire to quit smoking and his efforts to develop smokeless cigarettes were behind his determination to find an alternative to smoke which could reduce the risk of cancer. E cigarette batteries deliver power to the atomizer pressure element which in turn vaporizes the E liquid. This in turn gives the vaping feeling when smoking an e-cigarette.


So, how is the nicotine e-liquid made? Well, the E Liquid is made up of an extract from the tobacco plant and is a petroleum offshoot. Propylene glycol, which is a food additive, is used to create fog for e-cigarette much like dry ice.


The Original smokeless cigarette was patented by a gentleman called Herbert A. Gilbert, way back in 1963. Through his method air was moistened via a heating element. Hon Lik began his invention of an e-cigarette using piezoelectric components from Gilbert’s research. The e-cigarette brand has been swiftly expanding using robust marketing campaigns akin to those used to propagate cigarettes use in the 1950s and 1960s. Because of the relative newness of the technology and the possible relationship to tobacco laws and medical drug policies, e-cigarette regulation and public health investigations are ongoing in many countries.

E-cigarette is experiencing rapid proliferation because traditional cigarettes have been prohibited in restaurants and other public places. Today, Chinese and the European companies have taken control of the electronic cigarette market. A good number of American companies have also got into the electronic cigarette smoking business in the last two years or so.

Initially, the electronic cigarette was mainly marketed online allowing the industry to spread quickly to different part of the World. Now, mall carts are springing up in malls and booths in flea markets. Specialty shops are beginning to deal in electronic smoking business. Local stores are signing distribution deals. As a result of this development, the FDA and other government regulatory agencies in many countries and also in China are starting to increase enforcement measures in the industry. In some countries, local governments are trying to prevent access to electronic cigarettes. But, the internet has made it a real challenge to get rid of them.

The health benefits and risks of e-cigarette use are not known. Since e-cigarette carries risks of nicotine addiction in both who do not already smoke and those who continue to smoke, their regulation is the focus of ongoing debate.  Concerns have been expressed regarding the use of e-cigarette products and how it should be properly regulated so as to protect users and non-users. Most users who use e-cigarettes have a history of smoking cigarettes while some young people who have never smoked cigarettes have experimented e-cigarettes on a number of occasions. One thing seems to be sure and that is E cigarettes are a better choice than regular cigarettes so get your UK designer sunglasses and your e cigarette, look cool and improve your health.








PaulRees Where The Great E Cigarette Boom Began!!
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