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Electronic cigarettes are not suitable for the following people. * Anyone under the age of 18. * Anyone allergic or sensitive to nicotine. * Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. * Anyone who has been advised to avoid nicotine products for medical reasons. * Anyone with a heart condition, hypertension or diabetes. *Anyone with allergies linked to tobacco, nicotine, propolyne glycol or products containing nuts. This list is not exhaustive and if unsure please consult your GP prior to using any of our products.
Batteries can fail for many reasons, even though our batteries only come with a 28 day warranty your battery should last far beyond this if charged correctly. Common electronic cigarette battery problems are caused by people using USB adapters supplied for thier mobile phones, this can cause the battery to be overcharged and the battery will no longer hold a full charge and eventually fail compleatly. We recomened using only USB enabled devices such as Computers, laptops etc.. USB wall adapters of any type should not be used.  
The most common reason is the atomiser needs replacing, most atomisers need replacing every 2-3 weeks, but sometimes sooner.
The chargers for the batteries have status LED’s that light up red when the batteries are taking charge, alternate from red to green near to completion, and when the LED is a steady green colour the battery is fully charged. As a battery comes to the end of its usable life the period between charges becomes shorter. Batteries generally last between 2 and 4 months depending on use.
The majority of e-liquid contains nicotine, which in its raw form is classed as a poison. However, e-liquid that is prepared for use in electronic cigarettes is heavily diluted from this high production concentration, and does not present the same danger as nicotine in its raw concentrated form. Nevertheless, e-liquid must be treated with due respect and please note the following considerations. ALWAYS keep cartridges and e-liquid out of the reach of children and pets. ALWAYS keep cartridges and e-liquid in a childproof container with the lid firmly on. Should a child or pet swallow a cartridge or ANY amount of e-liquid seek medical advice immediately, taking the bottle or similar cartridge with you, enabling the Doctor or Vet to identify the e-liquid ingredients. Should you get e-liquid on your skin, simply rinse it off with water as soon as possible. Should you get e-liquid in your mouth, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water. Should an adult swallow any amount of e-liquid seek medical advice immediately, again taking the bottle or similar cartridges with you.
Electronic cigarettes are used for recreational nicotine delivery. Many users find that after trying an e-cig, they no longer enjoy the taste of tobacco cigarettes, but some do still smoke cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have not been tested as a ‘stop-smoking’ device, and e-co20-20 does not promote them as such.
You will need at least one battery + 1 usb charger, preferably two so you always have one charging. An atomizer such as the CE4 and a bottle of E liquid. You will need to decide what nicotine strength you prefer. 24mg/mL E liquid for very heavy smokers 16mg/mL E liquid for average smokers 8mg/mL E liquid for light smokers or for those trying to wean themselves off nicotine
Essentially all e-cigarettes are they same, they have three primary parts – please refer to the diagram, which supports the explanation below: 1 The battery: e-cigs use re-chargeable lithium batteries. Tucked inside the battery is a switch that is triggered when the user inhales or power is manually applied, dependent upon e-cig type. When triggered the battery sends a charge to the atomizer. 2 The atomizer: This is the ‘work horse’ of the electronic cigarette. An atomizer consists simply of a heater coil, which is wound around a high temperature capillary wick. The wick; dependent upon the type of atomizer will be connected to the source of fluid to provide a continuously ‘wetted wick’. When power is applied to the coil and air is drawn across the wick wound coil, the fluid soaked wick is heated, providing atomised heated vapour to the user. 3 The e-liquid container: This can be in the form of a tank made of glass or plastic. In its basic form the cartridge is made of a plastic tube with a molded mouthpiece and is the storage for the e-liquid. Inside some atomizer tubes the e-liquid is soaked into wadding. E Cigarette

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